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A Notary Public deals with legal documents which will be used in another country. We have a resident Notary Public, Julian Kostick, who is a founder member of our firm.

If you own property abroad or are involved in any other foreign transaction or court proceedings you may need the services of a Notary Public. It could be the witnessing of the execution of a transfer or a contract, the verification of a Power of Attorney for someone with a second home overseas, verifying a translation or witnessing the signing of a witness statement for use in a foreign court. We'll always tell you if you need this service for any of your documents.

You will also need a notary if adopting from abroad. Julian has extensive experience in adoption and sits on the adoption panel of a large adoption agency. He is able to advise in this complex and sensitive area and is available for appointments at our offices or at his office in Edgware. Please see contact details for further information.

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